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Prompt Quotations

Wald Wire promises a prompt response to any request for a quotation. Simply submit your blueprint, pictures with specifications, or sample to the email provided on our contact page. Besides a prompt quote, our years of experience in design mean a quality product at a fair price to you.


Wald Wire’s Midwest location makes nationwide delivery easy and quick. No matter where you are or what product we are making for you, Wald Wire will deliver you a quality product, on time.


Wald Wire promises a quality product at a fair price. It doesn’t matter to us if you need a dozen display racks or thousands of shelves. When other manufacturers can’t provide the quantity you need, turn to Wald Wire. We won’t let you down.


Wald Wire's technical services have been designing products for over fifty years. We can assist you from rough sketch to sample; providing the high quality item you need.


At every step of the manufacturing process, Wald Wire staff assures you the best. Wald Wire stands behind our welds, wire, and finishes. You will NOT be disappointed and will get exactly what you wanted.

Assembly and Packaging

Wald Wire assures that your product will arrive in excellent condition.  Our packaging is customized for your needs. Whether all or only part of your finished product is fabricated here, we can assemble the final product for you.




Wire Forming
Roll Threading
Zinc Plating
Chrome Plating
Powder Coating


Shelf - Oven/Cold
Flat Rack
Racks - Display/Literature/Rotary
Displays- Counter/Pegboard
Guards - Fan/Duct/Light
Wire Forms
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